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Body To Body Massage

For quality and experienced massage service you should choose us.Qatar Massage World is a unique massage center in Doha Qatar.

Qatar Massage World

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This wonderfully relaxing massage technique uses light pressure and smooth sweeping strokes to increase circulation, relieve tension, restore energy and create a sense of well being. This massage is perfect for those who don’t enjoy deep pressure or are new to massage.

Using strong pressure combined with a variety of therapeutic techniques to target underlying muscles, deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent or chronic pain. These techniques are used to facilitate in releasing chronic patterns of tension, breaking up adhesions, reducing muscle spasms, elongating shortened muscle fibers, addressing and eliminating scar tissue, increasing range of motion, correcting postural issues and imbalances and improving range of motion.

Smooth Basalt rocks are heated and incorporated into our signature full body massage. The lasting warmth of the stones melts away stress and tension while softening tight muscles. Healing, soothing and indulgent!

Whatsapp Booking :

☎️☎️ +974 5063 7834 [WhatsApp]

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